Our studio

The sprachlabor was founded in 2001. Situated between Königsallee and the main train station in Düsseldorf, it is located in the very heart of the city. The front office connects to two studios with a total of three, different sized recording rooms. The largest room is amply equipped for more complex podcast and music recordings and two additional home studios allow for completely contactless work.

Voice recordings for advertising across all types of media outlet (online, radio, TV, and cinema) is a big part of our DNA but we are also skilled in other, more complex formats of production & communication, such as corporate videos, radio plays, tutorials, podcasts, and localization for video games. Our many years of experience and high level of expertise are combined with a desire for constant improvement and an unbroken curiosity for technical innovations.

In fact, one of our long-term employees developed SessionLinkPro, which is now one of the most widely used applications worldwide for professional remote recordings. We were the first audio studio to ever offer this feature. You can visit the SessionlinkPro website here.

Voice talent casting

As specialists in voiceover recordings, casting is our passion. Within our portfolio, you will find well-established names in the industry, together with undiscovered, fresh voices that have that certain something. We don't offer anything generic: Each casting is meticulously and individually tailored to meet the specific requirements of each client.

We offer special expertise in the field of localizing international campaigns with native speakers from all around the world. We are globally connected with partner studios and can provide not only the common European languages but also dialects and voices from nearly every corner of the globe.

Our team

Jens Schindler

Manager Producer Customer Relations
Eike Steffen

Manager Producer Casting Composer
Nina Schreier

Thomas Wickinger

Senior Audio Engineer
Runa Dellbrügger

Junior Audio Engineer